Wisconsin, The Working Class Awakening

- by Arthur Smilios, Sparrow Media contributor.



Hubris is the gift to the righteous; it ensures that the wicked will meet the sword of justice. The machinations of Scott Walker and his vampiric sponsors, the Koch brothers, in recent weeks, in Wisconsin, are a seminal event. This is momentous: posterity could remember this as the moment the working class shed the yoke of serfdom and accommodation and finally rejected plutocratic dicta that ensure our degradation, enslavement and ultimate extinction. The ignoble Governor Walker’s lies about “balancing budgets” were laid bare by a Yippie-style prank call in which he revealed that his goal is essentially to establish a precedent that would begin a domino effect leading to the dissolution of the organized labor movement.

For too long, the working class has acquiesced to the capitalist class, in supine servitude, so it was a great surprise that the masses arose and demanded that the proposed bill not be passed.



While the events that continue to transpire in Wisconsin are encouraging, it remains to be seen what will eventually come of them. The people of Wisconsin are undaunted and their courage and resolve seems to be spreading. Similar events are occurring in Indiana and are expected in every state where hateful, anti-worker legislation is being proposed. The capitalists and their marionettes in government may have gone too far, this time. Will this be our Cairo? Our truly grass-roots movement from below, rather than the “astroturf networking,” funded by corporations, which has passed for peoples’ movements, in recent years. Will Americans finally awaken and realize that the red herrings of race, religion and every other falsely divisive distraction are just that? Distractions. Will we finally understand that it is about class? Because, it is always about class. If this does turn out to be the case, as I hope it does, then the capitalist class had better take care: we are 95%; they are the degraded product of profligacy and entitlement.



It awaits to be seen whether this is our Cairo, or if our class solidarity is splintered by agents provocateur, simple apathy or the stupefying and seemingly self-loathing practices of workers who vote for politicians who enact programs designed to harm working and poor people. I hope it is the former.



- Arthur Smilios is an unapologetic anti-capitalist, musician rabble rouser.   Arthur was the co-founder of the seminal New York punk band the Gorilla Biscuits. Since his days of performing “Cats & Dogs” (a song that encouraged thousands to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle)  Arthur has strived to braid his art with his passion for social justice.  The Sparrow Project has invited Arthur to continue to sound off on the issues he holds most dear through their blog on http://sparrowmedia.net .  Arthur’s articles are written exclusively in his own voice, and may not reflect the views of The Sparrow Project.


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  1. Katie,

    “The police have not surprisingly already stated that they would do the governor’s bidding, once again turning against their own in a classic show of treason and mercenary bloodlust.”
    This is not true. The police are on our side, and they did not arrest anyone tonight. Cops and firefighters are not directly affected by this bill, yet they have stood by our side in solidarity every day at the Capitol. I have heard more “thank you’s” to and from police officers these past couple weeks than I can count. They are doing their job, but there is a lot of respect between the protesters and officers.

  2. Author admin,

    We redacted, that line. Thanks, Katie!

  3. NYCKatieP,

    Arthur: I love you and your language. You are truly an amazing person, with eloquent speech. I am proud to call you my friend. ~KP

  4. Arthur,

    Katie, while the police have, thus far, stood by the protesters, I’ll let WLEA Executive Board President, Trace Fuller, speak for himself on what they are prepared to do:


    I completely respect your opinion and I thank you for the opportunity to discuss this, but history and experience have shown that the police, in the end, will do the bidding of the master class and quickly turn on their own. They may be nice, on an individual level, but in the end, they are blue, through and through.

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