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Will Potter at Bluestockings Books, 7pm Sunday, May 29th

172 Allen Street, New York, NY 10002 //  Get Directions


Please join Will Potter at Bluestockings Books for a reading and discussion of his new book Green Is the New Red: An Insider’s Account of a Social Movement Under Siege, which was just released by City Lights Books.

“Part history, part action thriller and courtroom drama, part memoir, Green Is the New Red plunges us into the wild, unruly, and entirely inspirational world of extreme environmental activism. Will Potter, participant-observer and partisan-reporter, is the perfect guide… Green Is the New Red is an indispensable book that will change the way we think about commitment, the limits of protest, and the possibility of radical change.”

— Bill Ayers


For info about the book visit  //


La Jolla Seals Grab National Headlines, Granted Temporary Protection

On May 7th the Sparrow Project was proud to support the efforts of activists in La Jolla, California rallying for added protections and a sanctuary for a colony of Harbor Seals that call La Jolla’s Casa Cove their home.  We were excited to see that our press release generated some great coverage, shedding much-needed light on the plight of the La Jolla Seals.  Following coverage in the La Jolla Light & San Diego Tribune, Dorota Valli of San Diego Seal Watch was invited on CNN’s Headline News to discuss the seals.  In the wake of the buzz on May 13th a judge issued a temporary restraining order protecting the seal colony from shared use of the beach until a future court date in June. Listed below is a roundup of the flurry of coverage dedicated to the La Jolla Seals.

  1. The La Jolla Light — rally re-cap
  2. The Huffington Post
  3. Fuse Music Television — Mark Hoppus column
  4. San Diego Union Tribune — AP Wire Story
  5. San Francisco Examiner
  6. The La Jolla Light — Pro-Seal Opinion Piece
  7. The Discerning Brute
  8. NBC 15 Television
  9. Sacramento Bee
  10. Lighthouse News
  11. AP Daylife Newdesk
  12. CNN Headline News with Jane Valez Mitchell

“Must we humans be so selfish that we would deny the seals a small spot on the coast they can call their own. Those who want the seals removed so children can have the beach have certainly not asked the children what they want. Most children would prefer to see seals living happy on a beach than to see them removed. The people who are victimizing these seals are both anti-nature and anti-children. They have their own agenda of greed and prejudice,”

— Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society


Activists Protest to Defend Threatened La Jolla Seals, Saturday 5/7/2011


La Jolla, CA – As many as a hundred conservationists and animal rights activists are expected to stage a protest march at 10am this Saturday, May 7th demanding adaquate protections for a seal colony in La Jolla’s Casa Cove.  Their march through downtown La Jolla will begin at the corner of Girard Ave. & Prospect St. in La Jolla (map) and end with a rally above the beach at Casa Cove.


Casa Cove, also known as “baby beach” by locals has served as a rookery for harbor seals since the construction of an artificial sea wall by the Scripps family in the 1930s.  ”Despite federally mandated protections for these seals, periods of shared use of the beaches at Casa Cove have led to situations where seals were harassed or chased away by people.” says Dorota Valli of the Animal Protection and Rescue League (APRL) of San Diego’s SealWatch.  ”Due to development and human intrusions on the coast the nearest established rookeries for harbor seals are roughly 100 miles to the north and south of Casa Cove thus limiting the harbor seal’s ability to breed, nurse, and raise their young.” says Carly Slawson a volunteer with APRL’s SealWatch.


“Must we humans be so selfish that we would deny the seals a small spot on the coast they can call their own. Those who want the seals removed so children can have the beach have certainly not asked the children what they want. Most children would prefer to see seals living happy on a beach than to see them removed. The people who are victimizing these seals are both anti-nature and anti-children. They have their own agenda of greed and prejudice,” say’s Captain Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and star of the hit TV series Whale Wars (Discovery)


The activists are an umbrella group of organizations including the Animal Protection and Rescue League of San Diego, Seal Watch San Diego, La Jolla Friends of the Seals, and Orange County People for Animals, who collectively are fighting to establish further protection and an eventual sanctuary for the La Jolla seals.  The activists have implemented a two-tiered approach of non-violent direct action protests like the one they have planed for Saturday as well as a plan of civil action in the La Jolla courts.  The activists have recently petitioned the courts for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) in hopes the rope barring access to Casa Cove will not be lifted and that the Baby Beach rookery will not be opened to beach goers.  The case is being revisited in La Jolla court on May 17th, 2011.  For details about this weekends march as well as additional information on the La Jolla seals visit


To arrange an interview with the activists or to obtain high-resolution images of the rookery at Casa Cove please contact Tim Rusmisel at 949.973.7325 or email




Help Open WildFlower, the First Vegan Pop-Up Restaurant

Chef Ayinde Howell believes that food — amazing, distinctive, plant-based foods — can create a dialogue that challenges the way our culture sees animals raised for food and along the way create tangible, peaceful, delicious alternatives on our plates. Wildflower, is a migratory pop-up restaurant project that will bring critically acclaimed vegan food into some of the most discerning venues. Like seed-born wildflowers in the field, the Wildflower project is a short-lived bloom of beauty that hopes to burst apathetic bubbles of grey with brilliant colors, unforgettable aromas, and warm feelings.  Moreover, just like the wind-blown seeds of wildflowers in the field this pop-up project will be here today and gone tomorrow …off to a new city to conjure up a new dialogue, to challenge the cultural isms that enable the abuse of animals for food, through undeniably brilliant vegan meals that celebrate compassion.  Wildflower is part vegan outreach, part health advocacy, and part traveling foodie roadshow. Ayinde’s first stop will be the exclusive Broadway East in Manhattan, NYC.  To assure that the temporary nature of these pop-up restaurants has an element of permanence the entire process will be filmed and made interactive online, continuing the open-ended dialogue, one plate and conversation at a time.


Pledge to Fund Wildflower on! – Chef Ayinde Howell will need $17,000 to get the Wildflower project up and running. You can most directly help him reach his fundraising goal on by pledging towards the project HERE.

Help Spread the Word About Wildflower Through Your Blog, and Social Media Accounts! – Ayinde will need the help of bloggers, writers, press, and activists LIKE YOU in spreading the word about Wildflower.  At first Wildflower will need your help promoting their fundraising efforts through, and once up and running Wildflower invites you to become part of the process by promoting the pop-ups and cultivating the seeds of vegan outreach when Wildflower comes to your city!


About Pop-Ups - Wildflower is the first all vegan pop-up restaurant. The trend of mobile food has expanded from food trucks to the pop-up concept—a great option that allows a chef to showcase his/her talents without the financial burden and risk associated with opening a restaurant. Already very popular on the West Coast, the pop-up is just making its way to the Big Apple with early success.


About Chef Ayinde Howell & Wildflower – What happens when a food blog takes its food to the streets? You grow a WildFlower! — A plant based pop up restaurant by Chef Ayinde Howell. WildFlower, being funded via micro-lending site will open for one week in late spring of 2011 the menu will rotate every night, exploring all different aspects of vegan cuisine from Bistro Style, Americana, Raw-Fusion and Brunch.

Howell, a life-long vegan and DIY green entrepreneur, has had his recipes published in the New York Times combines his 12+ years in restaurant experience with his new title of founder/content creator for the cult followed vegan food & lifestyle blog  Ayinde’s brand of activism takes place on the stove, breaking bread and no better place to exchange ideas than over a great meal. When Ayinde is not cooking he is filming and editing content for iEG. Howell and team at iEG are responsible for creating new recipes and engaging short form video content for the viewers.  Ayinde take his flip camera along on most of his jobs and catches noted artists, celebrities, and everyday folks tasting creative, flavorful creations and happily confessing “I eat grass.”

With a rotating teaching spot at Whole Foods Bowery, food coaching Miss New York, a laundry list of TV appearances including BET’s 106 and Park, private clients living with chronic disease and critically acclaimed waffle brunch club, the Seattle’s Stranger Newspaper aptly titled Ayinde’s work ’feeding the revolution’.


Chef Ayinde Howell shares simple vegan recipes on BET’s 106 & Park






Ayinde has teamed up with a production company to film and produce a series of docu-sodes of the WildFlower concept as well as all the hectic work that goes into coordinating a pop up restaurant. The Wildflower docu-series will premier on summer 2011.  For a look at Ayinde’s work &  Wildflower’s menu visit