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Help Chef Ayinde Spread His Vegan Message on Bravo Television!

Ever since Chef Ayinde Howell partnered with Sparrow Media to bring us his Wildflower Vegan Pop-Up, there has been a groundswell of press attention highlighting Ayinde’s cruelty-free contribution to the grassroots pop-up phenomena. From write-ups in The New York Times, to features on New York Magazine‘s “Grub Street”, this recent press push has helped to further mainstream vegan ideals, raise questions about our nations continued reliance on animal husbandry despite amazing vegan options, and all the while help make a name for this breakout chef.

Following the surge of press attention Bravo Television has asked Ayinde to compete on their reality dinner party show “Rocco’s Dinner Party.” Ayinde will make his Bravo appearance tonight (Wednesday 7/13/2011) at 10pm EST, 9pm Central and we as a movement of compassionate activists should use this opportunity to send a message to Bravo that we want them to have an increased vegan focus in their program mix.

Bravo TV’s website features a user contributed content forum called “twitter battles.” We invite you to join us as we participate in one of these battles during and around the show’s airing to reign in the narrative on their twitter forum by tweeting links about vegan outreach, and tweets emphasizing your interest in Bravo’s continued commitment to vegan programming.

Here are a few ways you can help…

1.) Access the twitter battle & read tutorials on how to participate at this LINK. Then log on and start tweeting. The possibilities are endless but here are two examples that you can feel free to ad-lib as you like.

I wish @roccodispirito  on @bravotv featured more #vegan chefs like Chef @AYINDE

Want to know why @AYINDE is #vegan ? – [insert link to vegan resource here]

2.) You can share the LINK to the twitter battle on your facebook page, tumblr, or twitter accounts and encourage your friends to get involved in the twitter battle as well.

3.) Tell friends & family that “Rocco’s Dinner Party” on the Bravo network will be featuring the vegan culinary stylings of chef Ayinde Howell.

4.) You can also leave Bravo a comment thanking them for featuring a vegan chef and suggest they do it more often HERE



Crowd-Funded Pop-Up, Wildflower Serves 28 Courses of Vegan Gourmet at NYC’s LTO June 10th-12th

“Vegan food that is remarkably tasty and robust”
—ELAINE LOUIE, The New York Times

New York, NY: LTO, 171 East Broadway Wildflower is a one-of-a-kind crowd-funded pop-up restaurant that will be bringing 28 courses of the finest plant-based cuisine all with a summer grilling motif to discerning New Yorkers over June 10th-12th, 2011.  Just like the short-lived beauty of blossoming annuals in the field, Wildflower is here today and gone tomorrow.  Complementing the ever-growing trend of food trucks, pop-up restaurants are proving to be breakout venues for some of foods finest artisans and tastemakers. Wildflower will pop-up at New York’s exclusive LTO (Limited Time Only) located at 171 East Broadway and for three days will take patrons on a 28 course journey that will traverse a landscape of diverse vegan cuisine ranging from soul food to raw fusion to a vegan street food tasting menu. Brunch will be served on Saturday and Sunday morning June 11th and 12th, drawing from the menu of Ayinde’s popular monthly Brooklyn Petit Dejeuner, Waffle Brunch, which has already gathered a cult-like following by Williamsburg hipsters, vegans, and foodies alike. Crowd-funded through kickstarter.com, Wildflower is a direct response to the demand of New Yorkers who want to see gourmet vegan dining with an upscale  atmosphere in lower Manhattan.  An opening reception with celebrity guests, style icons, and giveaways from Vaute Couture, The Ethical Man, and Evolve Jewelry will follow Friday night’s dinner. A full menu is available HERE


Reservations can be arranged at http://wildflowerpopup.eventbrite.com . Seating is limited so reservations are encouraged, but walk-up customers will be seated as space permits.


Born in Tacoma, WA, to vegan parents, Chef Ayinde Howell has been a lifelong vegan, giving him a fresh lens to see his culinary art through.  At a time when most vegan restaurants have emphasized meat-anologs and processed soy dishes as an appeal to carnivores, Chef Ayinde’s vision alternatively celebrates his food’s unprocessed source by highlighting their natural flavors, brilliant colors, and captivating aromas.


About Chef Ayinde Howell
Ayinde Howell is an entrepreneur, executive vegan chef and founder of http://ieatgrass.com He has a background in a variety of vegan fare covering soul food, raw, and new American have been featured in the New York Times and Time Out New York.  Ayinde got his start in Seattle as co-owner of Hillside Quickies Vegan Sandwich Shop, an offshoot of his family’s business. Hillside Quickies became a popular lunch spot known for blasting hip hop during the crowded rushes and being frequented by patrons like The Roots, Saul Williams, Common and Erykah Badu.  Since his arrival in New York, Howell has served as a health consultant to celebrities, acted as executive chef at Jivamukti Yoga School, cooked for media mogul Russell Simmons, and has demoed his vegan cooking on BET’s popular ’106 & Park’ music hour.



To arrange an interview with Chef Ayinde Howell, to arrange a tasting,
or to obtain high-resolution images of his culinary creations please
contact Andy Stepanian at 631.291.3010 or email press@sparrowmedia.net

Help Open WildFlower, the First Vegan Pop-Up Restaurant

Chef Ayinde Howell believes that food — amazing, distinctive, plant-based foods — can create a dialogue that challenges the way our culture sees animals raised for food and along the way create tangible, peaceful, delicious alternatives on our plates. Wildflower, is a migratory pop-up restaurant project that will bring critically acclaimed vegan food into some of the most discerning venues. Like seed-born wildflowers in the field, the Wildflower project is a short-lived bloom of beauty that hopes to burst apathetic bubbles of grey with brilliant colors, unforgettable aromas, and warm feelings.  Moreover, just like the wind-blown seeds of wildflowers in the field this pop-up project will be here today and gone tomorrow …off to a new city to conjure up a new dialogue, to challenge the cultural isms that enable the abuse of animals for food, through undeniably brilliant vegan meals that celebrate compassion.  Wildflower is part vegan outreach, part health advocacy, and part traveling foodie roadshow. Ayinde’s first stop will be the exclusive Broadway East in Manhattan, NYC.  To assure that the temporary nature of these pop-up restaurants has an element of permanence the entire process will be filmed and made interactive online, continuing the open-ended dialogue, one plate and conversation at a time.


Pledge to Fund Wildflower on Kickstarter.com! – Chef Ayinde Howell will need $17,000 to get the Wildflower project up and running. You can most directly help him reach his fundraising goal on Kickstarter.com by pledging towards the project HERE.

Help Spread the Word About Wildflower Through Your Blog, and Social Media Accounts! – Ayinde will need the help of bloggers, writers, press, and activists LIKE YOU in spreading the word about Wildflower.  At first Wildflower will need your help promoting their fundraising efforts through Kickstarter.com, and once up and running Wildflower invites you to become part of the process by promoting the pop-ups and cultivating the seeds of vegan outreach when Wildflower comes to your city!


About Pop-Ups - Wildflower is the first all vegan pop-up restaurant. The trend of mobile food has expanded from food trucks to the pop-up concept—a great option that allows a chef to showcase his/her talents without the financial burden and risk associated with opening a restaurant. Already very popular on the West Coast, the pop-up is just making its way to the Big Apple with early success.

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About Chef Ayinde Howell & Wildflower – What happens when a food blog takes its food to the streets? You grow a WildFlower! — A plant based pop up restaurant by Chef Ayinde Howell. WildFlower, being funded via micro-lending site Kickstarter.com will open for one week in late spring of 2011 the menu will rotate every night, exploring all different aspects of vegan cuisine from Bistro Style, Americana, Raw-Fusion and Brunch.

Howell, a life-long vegan and DIY green entrepreneur, has had his recipes published in the New York Times combines his 12+ years in restaurant experience with his new title of founder/content creator for the cult followed vegan food & lifestyle blog iEatGrass.com.  Ayinde’s brand of activism takes place on the stove, breaking bread and no better place to exchange ideas than over a great meal. When Ayinde is not cooking he is filming and editing content for iEG. Howell and team at iEG are responsible for creating new recipes and engaging short form video content for the viewers.  Ayinde take his flip camera along on most of his jobs and catches noted artists, celebrities, and everyday folks tasting creative, flavorful creations and happily confessing “I eat grass.”

With a rotating teaching spot at Whole Foods Bowery, food coaching Miss New York, a laundry list of TV appearances including BET’s 106 and Park, private clients living with chronic disease and critically acclaimed waffle brunch club, the Seattle’s Stranger Newspaper aptly titled Ayinde’s work ’feeding the revolution’.


Chef Ayinde Howell shares simple vegan recipes on BET’s 106 & Park






Ayinde has teamed up with a production company to film and produce a series of docu-sodes of the WildFlower concept as well as all the hectic work that goes into coordinating a pop up restaurant. The Wildflower docu-series will premier on www.ieatgrass.com summer 2011.  For a look at Ayinde’s work &  Wildflower’s menu visit ieatgrass.com